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The Fair Wind Series and onwards

Welcome to 2023. 'The Fair Wind' Christmas pack proved popular thanks to designer Dennis Veal, in-house support by Donna Janssen. New projects are already in the wind at Flying Pony Press - as hinted, a sequel to Book Four - The Coriolis Effect' launched last year, pictured above. We might go gardening again and celebrate the life of our dearest Tibetan Spaniel Timmy, who was lost to dementia. Watch this space.

Meanwhile, please enjoy my rare interview with Australian painter John Balmain (1923-2000) on the Writings page. Very little was written about him and we finally found that story:


ALL Fran Henke (aka Frances Kelly, George Davis) wanted to do when she grew up was write books. She began with poetry, then moved into journalism. In order to make a city garden, she found herself writing about gardening, which led to garden books & columns.            

   After 5years of poetry, newspapers, & gardening books, time came to write fiction and become a publisher. This includes putting out newsletters for Polio Network Victoria and MPPPSG that go to polio survivors around the world.

   Flying Pony Press evolved to also publish the work of friends.

The Wind Series

LIFE in Geelong, Victoria, Australia in the 1850s was rich, with tens of thousands of people arriving at Port Henry to try their luck on the goldfields at Ballarat. Fran's first novel on this theme The Other Side of the Wind, was published in 2013.

   The sequel Winds of Rebellion was launched on May 15, 2016 with the sequel An Imperfect Calendar in 2019. Book four of the trilogy-busting series The Coriolis Effect published 2022 sparking demand for the other three and the full set. Of course book five is in the wind.

Order now: RRP $30ea plus $10 p/p. Email:

Polio Journey

FRAN'S was an isolated case of polio in Leongatha, Victoria, in 1946 at the age of three. Polio survivors tend to over achieve in order prove 'normality'. in 1989 having overcome the initial effects, Fran learned eventually she had Post Polio Syndrome.          Little was known about PPS so she set out to use her communication skills to help others understand what was happening. There is a real thirst for knowledge about post-polio, so information is shared through social media, books and magazines. Fran put together Life Skills for Polios, a light hearted handbook, which has proved useful for polios around the world. Go to Polio Journey for order details.

Click right for an interview with Muriel Cooper and Fran on Radio 3RPP about Life Skills for Polios.

Fran and Muriel 3RPPLife Skills for Polios interview

An interview with Melissa Walsh in Peninsula Essence on turning 75.

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