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Street Dog Sketches now postcards

Sample of the Street Dog Sketches now available in packs of 10 or 20 from Flying Pony Press see Contact page.

Inspired by David Hockney's iPad paintings, Fran decided to draw sporting cartoons - Olympics, football, tennis. Friends wanted colour, despite her love of the great Aussie b/w tradition of cartooning, she started drawing dogs encountered at Hastings Jetty on swim days. The range of breeds was amazing and challengingUsing Sketchbook program, proved ideal sit-down time for the driven Polio survivor. To share, market, Postcards followed another interest from London days, meeting artists exploiting postcard medium. Then it was suggested dog owners might love to have their own dog cards. Another enterprise was born.

Kabir gouache copy.jpg

Above: watercolour and gouache dog portraits below acrylics, iPad cartoon, linocut and sculpture

Figure skating.jpg

Left: Little Dancer, acrylics, after Degas; Skater iPad drawing, Olympics; Welcome Aboard Linocut, also used in 'Timmy's Daughter'.


Sculpture: Sleeping Rough, limestone,

Coll: Gail. P. Lynch.


left: Artist at work. Picture: Gary Sissons.


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