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The polio virus has a nasty habit of returning in later life. And, there are adults and children in Africa, India and Asia with polio now, needing help, pictured below. They need wheelchairs and handoperated trikes. WA's Rotary Club of Scarborough is building wheelchairs for $150. Contact them on:

Polio Survivors living on the streets, begging, Mexico.

Life Skills for Polios – a light hearted handbook


The exchange of ideas on management for polio survivors in the “second round” of the fight with the polio virus, has proved vital.

   To make that trade easier, Mornington Peninsula Post Polio Support Group has published ‘Life Skills for Polios – a light-hearted handbook’ to bring together the most recent as well as tried and true information and advice from medical experts plus those living with PPS.

   The book has been compiled and illustrated by retired Australian journalist, author and polio survivor Fran Henke, in themes of Home, Body and Mind – covering downsizing, tips for the kitchen and laundry, plus the big topics of pain, fatigue, exercise and coping with past treatment in the face of the new symptoms.

   Printing has been funded by generous donations from Mornington Peninsula service clubs, other support groups and individuals, with the aim of all sales proceeds going to benefit Polio Day 2017, held in Bendigo on October 21.

   The book is now available for $15 through PNV and Flying Pony Press (plus postage $7).

   Thanks to a particularly generous donation from the Lions Club of Rye/Rosebud, the print run was extended, enabling the group to donate a box of books to Polio Australia for sale at the Retreat in Queensland last year. 

   In February 2018, following outstanding sales around Australia and overseas, more copies were printed. Random Harvest Library advised Life Skills was its best seller for 2017!

   The book has gone to: Nepal, Afghanistan, Djakarta, Zimbabwe, UK, various states of USA, New Zealand and all around Australia, revealing a huge need for information.

Polio Australia has published two Clinical Studies in the hope of assisting health professionals to understand Post Polio Syndrome. These can be downloaded on:

Why the need for 'Life Skills'  

 “I term this a fight because we have learnt that if we hadn’t fought and won the original battle with the poliovirus, we wouldn’t be here today, Dennis Lloyd wrote in his first annual chairman’s report for the Mornington Peninsula Post Polio Support Group of 1997.

  “I feel that knowing more about the original effects of polio and now the later effects and Post-Polio Syndrome, we are in a better position to improve our quality of life and cope with day-to-day living with a challenge. Above all, we are in a position to slow down the rate of decline that so many of us are experiencing due to our Type A personalities, which in one way has brought about a more rapid decline but in another way has enabled us to achieve what we have in spite of the difficulties.

 “We must continue this search for information for we have no other way to combat our fatigue, pain, loss of muscle tone, dysphagia and, sometimes, confusion, anxiety and memory loss, which is not due to the normal ageing process but is an accelerated deterioration due to Post-Polio Syndrome”.

                                  –Dennis Lloyd (died in 2016, aged 83).

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